15 Top Home Renovation Trends For 2021

2020 was truly a renaissance year for home renovation. With the initial stay at home order and furlough scheme firmly in place, home owners across the UK had more time than ever before to start their dream projects..

Market research conducted by building supply specialist Build4Less has revealed the top home renovation trends taking 2021 by storm.  The results show that Self Adhesive Wallpaper is by far the most popular trend for 2021 so far, clocking an astonishing 500% increase in interest since the start of January. Thanks to the growth in popular styles such as Grandmillenial and Regency core, wallpapering has entered a renaissance period in 2021. Often considered a labour intensive renovation, self adhesives can cut job times in half, allowing homeowners to switch out styles almost effortlessly. 

Hanging Garden Lights are a solid 2nd, with a 435% increase in the same time period which is fairly unsurprising; as spring comes in, people are keen to spend as much time outside as possible, creating beautiful nooks and softly lit social areas to maximise time outside. Diving in a bit further, fairy lights have seen an 180% increase, however festoon lights have smashed expectations with a 276% boost and counting. 

In contrast, one of the most surprising renovations on the list, Outdoor Pizza Ovens, came in 3rd with a 300% increase since January. While outdoor kitchens and cooking areas saw a dramatic boost in 2020, it looks like Brits are loving the niche and are looking to add a bit of authentic cooking to their outdoor living space.  

Find the full list of results below –

1Self Adhesive Wallpaper500%
2Hanging Garden Lights435%
3Outdoor Pizza Oven300%
4Fire Pit285%
5Mermaid tiles284%
6Garden Bar278%
7Open Plan Living273%
8Vegetable Patch208%
9Wall Panelling204%
10Geometric Wall Art203%
11Loft Conversion189%
12Gallery Wall186%
13Pallet Furniture176%
14Garden Office153%
15Roof windows124%

We spoke to Johnpaul Manning, MD at Build4Less to dive deep into the results to see what they represent and why traders, DIY’ers and interior designers should take note. 

Appreciation for the Outdoors 

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s the value of outdoor space. As the nation tried to spend as much time outside as possible, we saw a boom in garden renovation projects. From sweeping garden vistas to small but charming terraced gardens, we’ve seen some really creative projects in all shapes and sizes. From modernist designs to wild and untamed greenery, there’s so much potential in adapting garden space.  Homeowners are also using the garden to recreate social spaces. Projects like converting sheds into fully stocked bars or creating a self contained office annex are extremely popular, and really show the push to really maximise the use of space effectively.    Growing your own really took off in 2020, but 2021 seems to be taking it even further. With rising food prices, shortages and a growing appreciation of organic produce, we’ve seen a huge increase in customers creating in-ground and above ground vegetable gardens which is brilliant. It’s not only practical, but the greenery really seems to give people a boost.  

Blending Spaces

As more people spend time at home, we’re finding that the line between indoor and outdoor space is becoming more and more blurred. We’ve seen a huge increase in these kinds of projects in the last few months. With spring on the horizon, homeowners are turning to projects that really maximise the time they use outside. While the appearance of pizza ovens on our list is a bit surprising, it’s just proving the trend – people want to spend more time outside in any way they can, including relaxing, cooking, working, you name it! It’s not just in the garden. The rise in open living renovations is literally breaking down walls to help make homes feel not only less restrictive but more sociable and inclusive as well. It also gives homeowners nearly endless interior design potential, where style isn’t just for one room alone, giving interiors a more seamless feel. 

Natural & Warm Lighting is Essential

As our appreciation for nature has grown over the last year, homeowners are always looking for new ways to factor it in as part of their renovation projects. One of the most stand out is the use of natural lighting. This includes projects that add more windows to a property or extensions that are purposely built to respond to the path of the sun. But the most popular has been projects that incorporate roof windows and skylights. We often see them included in loft conversion and bedroom renovations, but we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for ground level renovations like kitchen extensions.  It’s not just down to natural light though. A lot of homeowners have started to reposition light fixtures to really maximise the use of light sources. There’s also been a significant increase in renovations that incorporate where lighting can be controlled from either a control panel or even their phones. It’s not just economical – it allows homeowners to bring their property into the 21st century. 

DIY More Popular than Ever Before 

The DIY movement has always been popular, but social media has absolutely taken it to the next level in the last year and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. It’s really encouraged homeowners across the country to embark on some of their dream DIY projects or to get stuck in to renovation trends can go viral virtually overnight.  And with more time to think and plan, homeowners aren’t scared to take on projects themselves. This could be anything from painting or papering a room from top to bottom to ripping up and replacing old floorboards. It’s fascinating to see what people can come up with when they’re given the time to really think about a project and the kind of creative impact that it can have on their home.   

 Adding Property Value

“While 2020 was a tough year from some industries, UK real estate has been able to hold its value; and even post record gains. While there are some other contributing factors, renovations have undoubtedly played a huge role in boosting property values. With many still furloughed or working from home, homeowners have chosen to invest their time wisely. While renovations like a loft conversion or converting a property for open plan living can take time, they have the potential to add thousands to a property’s overall value. As a result, homeowners can enjoy their new house features and also benefit in the future if they ever choose to sell.  

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