2021’s Most Desired Green Renovations

‘Green home renovations’ saw 112% increase in interest between March 2020 and now as Google data shows Brits interest in eco-renovations grows ..

Covid-19 has forced all of us to spend the last year at home. And spending so much time at home has led to many adopting DIY and home renovation projects to improve their living spaces. These changes, combined with the notion that Brits are, on the whole, becoming more environmentally conscious, has led to an increased interest in eco-homes, and eco-friendly DIY projects. In fact, Google searches for ‘green home renovations’ have seen a 112% increase from March 2020 till March 2021.

Insulation4Less examined Google search volumes between March 2020 and March 2021 to reveal which green home renovation has seen the biggest increase in interest, and is therefore the most desirable in the UK! 

2021’s Most Desired Green Renovations – Based on Rising Google Search Data between March 2020 and March 2021

RankGreen Renovation% Increase Google Searches UK March 2020-21
1Living walls115%
2Energy efficient lighting104%
3Solar panels 98%
4Using sustainable wood and reclaimed materials84%
5Wall insulation 82%
7Dual pane windows78%
8Triple glazing69%
9Water conserving appliances57%
10Renewable heating systems55%

Johnpaul Manning, MD at Insulation4Less commented on the results:

“The increase in interest over the last year makes sense – many of us have spent most of 2020 and all of 2021 inside, without access to much greenery, so any home renovation that seeks to bring the outside in is sure to be a hit.  Living walls not only look great, they improve air quality, with the plants acting as natural air filters which can help purify the home. They also have certain eco-benefits, such as acting as natural insulation, keeping homes warm in winter but cool in summer. Some studies have found that plants and living walls boost happiness too – and we could all need a boost to happiness right now!

Some of the other trends are more standard when it comes to green renovations, but it’s great to see the rising interest. Having spent so much time in our homes, and with a greater eye on caring for the planet, these Google searches suggest that more Brits are investing in green renovations or at least, starting to think about them.  Some of these renovations of course are easier to adopt than others – energy efficient lighting is a relatively easy change to make around the home, which may explain its popularity, whilst elsewhere Brits explore improvements to insulation, adopting sustainable wood and materials, or installing skylights with the desire to go greener in 2021.

Here Johnpaul Manning offers five tips to make homes more eco friendly: 

Invest in Insulation
Insulation is one of the most important factors when it comes to a home’s energy efficiency – if your insulation isn’t good enough, you’re going to be spending more trying to keep the space warm. If your home has cavity walls, ask your energy supplier about reduced rates for cavity wall insulation. For those without, look to retro-fit walls with insulated panels. Insulating a boiler or hot water tank is always beneficial. And whilst insulation may come with an upfront cost, the money you’ll save year on year means it’ll essentially end up paying for itself – a well insulated roof can save hundreds. Keeping both you, and the planet happy!

Go Solar
Solar panels are great for reducing energy bills, generally don’t take up much space and need little maintenance once they’ve been installed. This gives them a lot of advantages over renewable home renovations. And the UK, despite not being known for its sunshine, is actually quite well suited to solar power – we get a steady eight hours of light a day and solar panels still generate energy through clouds – though not as much as on clear days! Be aware however, some people aren’t sold in on solar panels yet so installing them somewhere visible like the front of a property can impact on value.

Explore Energy Efficient Lighting
If you haven’t got the funds to install solar panels or new loft insulation, a far cheaper – and also very effective way to go greener is to install energy efficient lighting in your home. Some people also look to change the switch placement in their home to encourage those living there to switch off the lights when they go by – the top and bottom of the stairs for example, will see you saying more energy than just one or the other. 

Buy a new boiler
This might not be the cheapest option, but it’s one of the most effective, and worth considering if you’re looking to make a real energy-efficient change to your home. Like insulation, this is an up front cost which pays for itself over time. If you haven’t got the funds to go new, make sure that your old boulder is serviced annually to avoid costly breakdowns.

Save Water
Water-saving taps are a handy way to save on water usage in your kitchen and bathroom. Investing in a water saving showerhead is a great way to cut back on water consumption, helping the planet whilst helping your bank balance! Some people go one step further, investing in water diverters which send wastewater straight to the garden – doubling up your water usage.

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