Bringing nature indoors decorating with Pampas Grass

Place a few stalks into a larger oversized vase and see how your room is instantly transformed ..

During the cold winter days there is one interior design trend that’s still somewhat underrated but can add such a warming effect to any room, the use of pampas grass. This flowy and feathery plant has a unique look that’s both bohemian and glamourize in style…

Over the years the Pampas grass decor trend has grown thanks primarily to Instagram, no longer associated to the 70’s today’s Pampas has a super free-spirited and bohemian vibe. Even though it is very simple, it is a true statement piece in your home which also looks fantastic as an accent element.

The evergreen plant, also called Cortaderia Selloana, is a tall grass with fantastic feathery flower heads, originally from South America, Pampas grass comes in a variety of different colours such as white, pink and purple meaning when dried the grass is perfect for flower arrangements and decor.

Here we highlight some inspirations and ideas to decorate with pampas grass …


The general rule when decorating with pampas grass is to keep things simple. Use just three to five stems in a vase to create a minimal but highly effective visual impression. An ideal decor trend for fans of minimalism!


Neutral colour palettes have huge potential to be enhanced with pampas and the combinations are unlimited. Based on other textures, fabrics and colours in the room, you could use a vase that has a slight contrast with the colour of a table and a pampa colour that matches another hue.


A fluffy pampa grass arrangement, placed on a sideboard and accompanied by candles or your favourite perfume or ornament will provide the perfect addition to spaces that are glitzy and glamourous. Monochrome themes accented by copper or brass, bold patterns and rich velvet furnishings work well as backdrops to this scenario.


Oversized vases make a fantastic décor statement but after a while looking at an empty vase can become well boring, but luckily as pampas grasses ca grow up to 10 feet tall and are extremely fluffy they make for the ideal filler.

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