Ethimo and Marco Lavit create Hut

A cosy, private, reassuring form of wellbeing ..

‘Hut is a unique nest on a human scale, a place to pause and regenerate, for chilling and wellbeing out of doors. Inviting and comfortable, its wooden structure looks skywards, protecting like a shell and becoming a privileged point of view, exclusive and private. The soft cushions on the seating welcome the body in a soothing embrace. A habitat where the alternating rhythm of the slats creates gaps that filter perception of this space, in a natural dialogue between inside and out.’ In the words of Marco Lavit. ‘Hut is a place for resting, pausing and meditation, for enjoying time spent in the open air.’

Marco Lavit, a young designer and architect, Italian by birth and French by adoption, perfectly embodies the figure of the designer of the future. He has always been interested in art, whatever the form: from photography to cinema, and other disciplines, too, like landscape. In his Parisian atelier he experiments not only with the countless possibilities of interaction between architecture and design, but also between these and other creative environments, an approach that leads to generation of positive synergy from a variety of angles. His distinctive trait lies in the ability to consider and see the product, the imagined object, as a series of elements that relate with their environment and define its function.

Ethimo and Marco Lavit in this way rework large outdoor spaces with Hut, a new dimension of comfort that conveys unprecedented sensations of warmth and ‘protection’.

Hut is much more than outdoor furniture, its proportions ‘elevating’ it to bona fide architecture in Siberian larch, this wood with extraordinary qualities that resists perfectly to outdoor use and preserves its natural beauty over time.

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