Garden Gyms – Creating a Unique Space to Focus on Fitness

Getting fit and healthy is probably the number one New Years Resolution on everyones list

garden gym building from Green Retreats is a great way to help you reach your fitness goals and make them part of your lifestyle. Here we consider six reasons why you should invest in a garden gym

Extra Space
garden room adds space to your home rather than using up any spare room or corner, creating a bright and fresh environment for you to stretch out into

Garden buildings are an adaptable space that can be transformed at a moments notice to suit your needs. Homeschooling classroom, garden office or garden cinema room are some great ideas! What’s more, you can create dual-purposes spaces in one with a gym and garden office combo being a popular option. 

A garden gym is a private space away from the main house letting you focus on your fitness without the worry of being interrupted, or you disturbing anyone in your household. Being a private space means no queueing for equipment too!

The internal environment of your home gym can be completely tailored to suit your needs. Whether you need a space where you can crank up the volume for a fast-paced high-intensity workout, or you need a quiet room for yoga and meditation – a garden room can do both.

Having a fully-equipt gym at home in the comfort and practicality of your garden makes incorporating your fitness goals into your daily life more achievable. 

Open 24/7
Your garden gym can be open any time of day, letting you blow off some steam whenever works for you.

As a private space for you and your household, you have full control over the hygiene and safety of your garden gym. 

Key Facts and Prices for installing a Green Retreats garden gym

Green Retreats garden room prices start at £14,745 for a complete and installed solution. That means prices include VAT, professional installation, base/foundations, 2.3m French or sliding doors, opening window, oak laminate flooring, internal wiring, 3 double plug sockets, lighting, heating, premium-grade insulation, delivery within 100 miles of their factory… and much more! 

– Designed and built in the UK

– Fully professionally installed as standard

– 10-year guarantee

– Eco-friendly

– Insulated, weatherproofed and heated for year-round-use

– Planning permission rarely required (as easy to add as a garden shed!)

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