New Research from HomeHero delves into consumer attitudes to their homes

Brand new research from London based PropTech startup HomeHero into the attitudes of consumers and their homes has found some interesting results about attitudes to cleaning, maintenance and paying bills ..   

The survey of 2000 adults found that around two thirds of Brits that work full time (65%) don’t always feel on top of their home admin. A year of uncertainty has seen stress levels across the UK soar, amplified by the blurred lines between home and work, with many people continuing to work remotely. The survey found  40% of London residents listed ‘arranging tradesmen’, like plumbers and electricians, the most stressful aspect of running their homes. (YouGov, Feb 2021)

HomeHero uncovered that one in three Brits (33%) aged 18-34 put off paying their household bills. Of those people aged 18-34, that put off paying their bills, only 43% attributed it to financial reasons, like waiting for payday. Whilst an astonishing 63% attributed putting off paying their bills to not understanding them, finding them stressful or simply not having the time. (YouGov, Feb 2021)

Kenny Alegbe, Founder and CEO, HomeHero, said: “Our research has shown that as many as one in three people put off paying their bills. Surprisingly, this isn’t down to lack of funds, or waiting until payday – but rather lack of understanding, or stress. Our operating system for the home, HomeHero, can help alleviate some of the everyday stress of running a home to ensure everything you need is available to access in one easy to navigate system.”

HomeHero OS™ is a unique AI-powered platform for property managers to provide exceptional living experience for residents. 

HomeHero is designed to simplify the lives of both residents and property managers. The platform brings all of the home services together, into one easy to use app. HomeHero makes running a home simple, from setting up services, to reporting a broken boiler or sending a request to your landlord. The app gives residents complete visibility on upcoming payments, and automates the process too. 

HomeHero aims to alleviate some of the stress and mental burden of running a home, so residents can spend time on what really matters. 

HomeHero is backed by prominent investors behind Zoopla, FindAProperty and Skype. For more information visit: / The HomeHero Blog: Welcome Home

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