Noisy lockdown neighbours push a third of us to up sticks and move

Research from homebuying platform, YesHomebuyers, has revealed that in addition to the search for more space, noisy neighbours are the biggest reason for homebuyers leaving their last property..

Yes Homebuyers asked 1,059 homebuyers to have completed in the last six months what the biggest reason for leaving their last home was?The search for more space since lockdown restrictions were implemented has been well documented and so it comes as no surprise that a lack of indoor or outdoor space spurred 46% to search for greener property pastures.

However, there was one other contributing factor that ranked high. Noisy or messy neighbours was the driving factor for 28% of recent homebuyers when it came to the reason as to why they had to leave their last home. Much like the need for more space, this is no doubt another factor to have been exacerbated by lockdown, as more time spent at home means more time with our noisy neighbours getting on our nerves.

Other factors included expensive maintenance and running costs (9%), the property requiring modernisation(7%), as well as issues with the wider area such as a high crime rate (7%). A lack of good local amenities such as good schools scored the lowest (3%), despite its traditional importance for many looking to move.

Matthew Cooper, Founder & Managing Director of Yes Homebuyers, commented:

“It’s fascinating how our home purchasing priorities have been so drastically influenced by the pandemic, with the need for more space now ranking as the driving factor behind the decision to move. However, many homeowners have found that spending so much time at home has unearthed another reason as to why they simply couldn’t stay in the same home for any longer. Having spent months on end living next door to each other under lockdown restrictions, a third of us have had enough of our noisy neighbours, choosing to move in search of some peace and quiet.”

Survey of 1,062 recent UK homebuyers (last six months) carried out by Yes Homebuyers (6th May 2021).

What was the biggest reason for leaving your last home? 
Lack of indoor or outdoor space46%
Noisy/messy neighbours28%
Too expensive to maintain/run9%
House required modernisation7%
Issues with the wider area such as crime rate7%
Lack of local amenities such as good schools3%

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