ONE YEAR ON: The year garden furniture skyrocketed

Payments provider Dojo, part of the Paymentsense brand has revealed what the British public have been spending their money on in lockdown …

Using Google search data, Dojo analysed the biggest trending items for Brits in the past year and it looks like garden furniture has accounted for some of the most popular buys. The data reflects exactly what the British public have been most concerned with buying and it seems we’ve wanted to stay entertained and cool during lockdown while also looking ahead and purchasing major milestone items.

What the public wanted to buy the most during lockdown using Google search data and the % increase in interest compared with the past 12 months.

Garden Furniture proved very popular over the course of the pandemic 

The study discovered that the number of people who actually got round to doing work on their gardens last year were opting to look at adding new garden furniture. 

With 1,830,000 search terms in relation to garden furniture, it was evident that March 2020 saw the public wanting to fix their gardens before the summer months of lockdown.  The first half of August saw the whole of the UK under a heatwave, with temperatures soaring to 37.8 degrees on July 31st, causing many Britons to spend weeks in their gardens which they had spent the past 4 months doing up over the course of the national lockdown. 

It’s no surprise that garden furniture skyrocketed in searches so much. Anticipation could perhaps play a part in so many searches, and with it looking like no-one will be able to jet off to sunny climates this year, it totally makes sense to spend some time giving the garden a makeover.  Question is, will we score even better this year with the sun? In that case, it’s time to start shopping!

Gaming proved to be a popular pastime

The study has discovered that a number of the most popular purchases of lockdown have been those related to entertaining ourselves while staying at home with the gaming industry in particular thriving.

The Nintendo Switch which became incredibly popular with the release of the new Animal Crossing game in early March 2020 meant that the console quickly sold out and became one of the hardest pieces of tech to get your hands on. The console alone has 5million searches over the past year proving its popularity and the public’s desire to sit back and game their way out through the pandemic.

The second most popular item follows a similar pattern. The Xbox Series X which came out at the end of last year has just over three million searches, more than the PS5 that was released around a similar time. People are clearly into gaming and what better time to get stuck in than when you need to stay indoors for long periods.

Brits looked for life-changing purchases

The data also reveals that people wanted to buy products that would change their lives. Those looking for dogs came in 5th place with 550,000 searches in the past year, an increase of 50% on the year before. At the beginning of lockdown there was a sharp increase in people looking for a furry best friend to ride out the storm with, and it seems the trend isn’t going anywhere.

Another top ticket item for Brits throughout the pandemic was a new house. The term ‘house for sale’ has received 550,000 searches in the past year with an increase of 22%. Many people in lockdown discovered that they could work remotely from anywhere in the world, and being at home for the majority of the year may have pushed them to buy a house in a new area. The introduction of a stamp duty holiday in summer 2020 also made buying a house a more attainable option for many

Self-care became a priority

While at home the public turned to self-care to help them slow down and relax. This trend is reflected in the data which has found that loungewear is 7th in the ranking with 301,000 searches on Google with many looking to wrap up in comfortable clothing while they work from home.

Blue light glasses also appeared on the list. This essential accessory blocks harsh light from entering your eyes and causing potential damage from spending lots of time looking at computer screens and phones. Brits are keen to protect their eyes with 110,000 of us searching for the glasses in the past 12 months and a huge increase of 396%.

RankProductGoogle Search Volume
1Nintendo Switch5,000,000
2Xbox Series X3,350,000
3Garden Furniture1,830,000
4iPhone 121,500,000
5Dogs for Sale550,000
6Properties for Sale550,000
9Holiday Cottages165,000
10Blue light glasses110,000

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