Oscars 2021: How to Make the Perfect Oscars-Inspired Bouquet at Home

Simon Sterling, expert florist at Direct2Florist talks about the stunning flower arrangements at the 93rd Oscars and provides great tips on how to create the perfect Oscars-inspired bouquets for any occassion..

The Oscars are, understandably, one of the most beautifully decadent events of the year. Every year stars from across the film industry gather to celebrate the very best in cinema, dressing in wonderfully unique and vibrant styles.  If you tuned in to the 93rd Oscars this year, you might have noticed that things were, understandably, a little different. With restrictions still in place, the guest list was significantly scaled down, with many stars beaming in live from locations around the world to present and accept awards. 

But for those in attendance, the event was a stunningly beautiful affair. Designed by seasoned Oscars architect David Rockwell and held at LA’s legendary Union Station, the event was wonderfully light and bright affair. And while the guests were dressed in the latest fashion, the floral arrangements were the real show stoppers.  Union Station’s North Courtyard was used to great effect, serving as a bright and spacious area for guests to mingle. Featuring multi-tiered teak decking and soft blue furnishings, the area had a distinctive outdoors feeling, tied together beautifully with stunningly colorful arrangements. 

We spoke to Simon Sterling, expert florist at Direct2Florist to find out more about the arrangements on display and how they can help you create the perfect Oscars-inspired bouquet for your home. 

“This year’s Oscars was an absolute triumph that was brought together beautifully by David Rockwell’s wonderfully distinctive sense of design. It was also a key moment for local florists, who were brought on to provide the stunning displays. It really shows how arrangements have the power to transform a space and add a completely new dynamic.”

So let’s take a closer look at the key elements that bring these vibrant arrangements to life.


One of the key elements used throughout the show was roses. Rose bouquets have long been associated with the classic Hollywood look, and in the event’s long history, red roses were often given to winners backstage.  Rockwell pays homage to this tradition but adds a wonderfully bright twist, instead using yellow, orange and gold coloured roses in key areas. In the spacious Union Station courtyard scenes, they’re threaded around towering jacaranda trees, creating a wonderful contrast that accentuates the tree’s vibrant, iconic purple blooms.


Wisteria is another key element that is used throughout the event in both stand out and subtle ways. In the courtyard Rockwell created a stunning suspended hand woven ceiling which features a wonderful cascade of blooms including roses, orchids and hydrangea; but it’s the use of wisteria here really stands out. Using both purple and white varieties, the hanging plant adds a wonderful sense of depth to the display.  It’s also used to great effect during the presentation elements of the event where they really stand out. The white variety is paired beautiful with soft pink and orange roses and white carnations to create larger than life displays. It’s a subtle addition but, one that really helps tie these pieces together.


With so many restrictions imposed by the space, Rockwell and his team used every element they could to create visually engaging and vibrant displays to great effect. While colour palettes can create contrast in a display, many of the arrangements combine flowers with different textures to add a sense of depth. And this is achieved beautifully in some of the Oscar arrangements by combining pink orange and roses with white carnations in varying sizes. Because they’re often considered to be quite similar, many people think that roses and carnations shouldn’t be paired together, but it’s a myth. In fact, combining the ruffly petals of carnations and the smooth, rounded contours of roses is a subtle yet powerful way to use texture to create contrast in any arrangement. 

Palms and Ferns

Traditionally, palms have always been associated with victory and success, which makes them perfect for an event such as the Oscars. During the event, both palms and ferns were used in the courtyard, and interview areas. Areca palms in particular made an appearance either as accompaniments or as stand alone pieces.  Both elements were used to add a striking sense of green to play beautifully off the yellows, oranges, golds, whites and purples that were woven into the ceiling display. 

Pampas Grass

While it’s most commonly associated with boho style, pampas grass has become increasingly popular in arrangements for a number of reasons. Often used as a stand alone piece, recent trends have seen this white and wispy  plant find new life as a great accompaniment for both large floral installations and bouquets alike. As it’s used in the Oscars, pampas is often used as an accompaniment to both large and small installations, helping to add  height and reach but a wonderful touch of soft white, For bouquets, Its versatility makes it a great choice for those who want ability to add off white tones and a soft texture to an arrangement.

Tips to Create the Perfect Oscars-Inspired Bouquet 

Be Bold with Colours

If this year’s event has shown us anything, it’s that vibrant colours can be combined in ways that can completely change the dynamic of any space, so don’t be afraid to experiment with the variety you want to pair in your bouquet. The key is to find a balance, so don’t be afraid to play around with combinations. Yellows and oranges can work really well with greens and purples to create punchy combinations that make an impression.

Add a Touch of Green

If the past year has shown us anything, it’s how valuable that the nature world and natural colour palettes have on our perception of the world around us. For Rockwell and his team, it’s clear that this element was a key element in many of the arrangements on display, whether as a soft green to accompany colourful pieces or as verdant greens to add some fresh contrast. 

Combine Different Textures 

A common myth in creating bouquets, or any kind of floral arrangement is the idea that there has to be a consistent texture to bring the piece together. While there’s nothing wrong with consistency, Rockwell’s arrangements show that different textures can bring depth in new and unexpected ways, so don’t be afraid to try something different. 

Play around with different sizes and combinations of roses and carnations, or try to include palms and ferns to add a whole new dimension to your arrangement. 

Use Unexpected Elements to Create Depth

From reaching palms and ferns to decadently coloured hanging flowers, Rockwell’s arrangements aren’t afraid to literally reach for something new and exciting. For any florist, the aim when creating an arrangement is to use everything available to us to create something wonderful and unique, including concepts such as layers. So, if you’re looking to create an Oscars-inspired arrangement, don’t be afraid to branch out with reaching palms, add height with wispy pampas or cut through with vibrant textures. 

Think of Your Space

One of the reasons that the floral arrangements at the Oscars stood out so much was because of the way they interacted with the space they were in, and Rockwell’s design incorporated this concept in beautifully dynamic ways. The courtyard arrangements brought colour and light whilst also emphasising the space itself, making it feel bright and open. So when you’re putting your arrangements together, consider where you want to place it and what kind of impact it’ll have.  

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