Over three quarters of London tenants are experiencing property disrepair issues

London is the UK’s disrepair capital with 79% of residential tenants experiencing some sort of issue ..

Housing disrepair is a prominent issue for social and private home renters up and down the country, with two thirds of tenants (66%) experiencing some sort of disrepair issue during their tenancy agreement.  

Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors surveyed 2,000 UK adults who have rented a residential property in the last five years1 to find out if they had experienced any issues, what the most common housing disrepair issues are across households, and the typical waiting time to get an issue fixed. They found that London is faring worse than most, with 79% of renters reporting at least one disrepair issue. 

They also analysed the latest English Housing Survey report2, and discovered that nearly half a million residential tenants report damp around their house each year, making it the most common issue. Over a third (37%) of Londoners surveyed also claimed to have had some sort of damp issue within their rented property.   

Water leaks and blocked pipes (45.9%) and heating or hot water (38.7%) were other common disrepair problems reported in London rental properties.   


Most Common Disrepair issues in London  %  
Damp  47%  
Water leaks and/or blocked pipes 46% 
Heating or hot water 39%  
Electrical hazards 34%  
Mould  32% 


Manchester took second place on the table, with three quarters (76%) of the tenants living here experiencing at least one problem during a recent tenancy agreement.  

Cities such as Leeds, Glasgow and Liverpool were all below the UK average (66%) but there is still a large majority of tenants reporting issues with the state of their property.  

Promisingly, over half (55%) of Londoners polled stated that their disrepair issue was fixed within two weeks of it being reported. However, for one in six (16%) their wait was in excess of six months, and even more worrying one in eight said their reported issue was never fixed.    

The top 10 UK cities where the most tenants reported that their reported disrepair issue has not been fixed are:  

1.              Cardiff (29%)   

2.              Southampton (24%)   

3.              Leeds (24%)   

4.              Liverpool (22%)   

5.              Norwich (22%)   

6.              Edinburgh (21%)   

7.              Birmingham (20%)   

8.              Sheffield (19%)   

9.              Belfast (19%)   

10.           Manchester (19%)  

Farzana Chowdhury,Partner,Housing Help Team at Hodge Jones & Allensaid:  “Our research reveals just how many people are living in properties that are not being properly maintained by their landlord. It’s worrying to see damp as the most common issue, as damp can cause health problems such as respiratory issues, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma. It also has the potential to affect the immune system. 

“It’s shocking that renters are waiting 41 days on average for their reported issue to be fixed. Often the problem could be tackled relatively cheaply and quickly too. It is inevitable that issues may occur but if the landlord deals with these in a timely manner then the tenant is often satisfied. 

“Anyone who has experienced a disrepair issue that has not been rectified, within a reasonable timeframe, could bring a claim for an order for the repair works to be carried out and for compensation. Our specialist team of housing law solicitors provide advice on bringing a claim and getting the best outcome possible for tenants” 

For further information about this research please visit: Housing Disrepair Issues Across the UK – Hodge Jones & Allen (hja.net)  

Find out what damages you may be entitled to receive due to your landlord’s failure to keep your home in a good state of repair, using HJA’s disrepair calculator: https://www.hja.net/legal-services/housing-help/disrepair-calculator/   

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