Scent-sational new homes to rent from Quintain Living

Fragrances take residents on a sensory journey through Canada Gardens ..

Choosing a home isn’t just about what a property looks like there are also other subtle factors at play, from how feels to how it smells. At Canada Gardens, which boasts an acre of secure landscaped gardens in the heart of London’s Wembley Park, the design of the rental experience has focused on providing residents with the space to relax and exhale right from the outset. According to conceptual design company Fossey Arora, the emphasis was on creating a sense of carefree escape.

This sense of relaxation and space flows throughout Canada Gardens. Quintain Living – the award-winning management company that oversees the rental of more than 2,500 apartments in Wembley Park, including Canada Gardens – takes residents on a sensory journey of scents as they move through the different areas and amenities.

That journey begins in the super-lobby, where the garden-fresh scents of orange, bergamot and lavender evoke memories of warm summer breezes and long, carefree days. The plant-filled lobby, with its high ceilings and simple, natural materials is ideally suited to this welcoming, summery smell. The bright and sunny bergamot, which is reminiscent of Earl Grey tea, gives way to a pre-heart note of grapefruit, bringing to mind the impression of a hot, sunny day in even the gloomiest of weather. The wonderful heart notes, which blend white lavender and sweet neroli, are grounded by base notes of rosemary, patchouli and vetiver attar. Canada Gardens’ smaller entrance, meanwhile, is all about fresh green tea. According to Maureen Cintract of Aromatise, who provided the Canada Gardens fragrances, the intense freshness of the scent speaks to personal, cultural and traditional ideas of home. The top notes of lemon, mint and orange peel soothe the mind, body and spirit. Charming and gracious, its heart is made up of Asian lily and compassionate lotus, symbolising freedom and spiritual rebirth, while notes of spicy cardamom and musky nutmeg gently ground the emotions.  

“Fragrance is so powerful and emotive; it can be used to lift moods and evoke a wide range of feelings and associations. That’s why we have made fragrance an integral part of our approach; it’s about enhancing the rental experience from all angles in order to deliver something truly unique.”Danielle Bayless, Chief Operating Officer, Quintain Living

The scent at the Clubhouse starts off with notes of green leaves and juicy figs, in with the smell of a freshly mowed lawn, the fragrance’s heart is strengthened with notes of vanilla and maple syrup. It finally cosies down with a cedar and sandalwood base, delicately crafted to create a truly sublime fragrance that bring the outdoors inside and emphasises the role of the Clubhouse as a bolthole to escape the cares of the outside world. The Canada Gardens scents were chosen in order to give each area its own atmosphere and unique ambiance. They reflect the wider commitment to the rental experience that is evident across the development.

Quintain Living aims to go above and beyond in every area. Nestled amongst the trees and bushes which comprise the podium gardens is a pirate ship that serves as the focal point of the children’s play area. There are BBQs, outdoor kitchens and dining areas dotted about as well as hireable allotments beds and designer work-from-home sheds surrounded by flowers. The Quintain Living team also takes care of all manner of life admin – everything from walking residents’ dogs to organising dry-cleaning. At Canada Gardens, there’s even a stunning playroom that’s available to hire for children’s parties.

For more information on Quintain Living or to book a viewing, visit on Instagram or call 020 3151 1927.

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